Dialogue imaginaire - Scientifique et créationniste

Les créationnistes supportent que la Terre n'a que 8 mille ans - selon leur interprétation de la Bible. Il disent même que si nous mesurons un Univers de 13 milliards d'années, c'est qu'il a été créé déjà vieux, il y a 8000 ans. Ceci est un dialogue imaginaire le plus intellectuellement honnête possible entre un créationniste et un scientifique. Le dernier argument du scientifique est difficile à répudier. En Anglais (puisque j'ai posté ce dialogue sur slashdot).
Je viens de créer ce dialogue imaginaire entre un scientifique et un créationniste... Je me demande bien quelle serait l'intervention suivante du créationniste...

: God created everything 8000 years ago.

Scientist: A lot of evidences indicate that the Universe is a lot older. Astrophysicists and Cosmologist, armed with giant telescopes, estimiate the universe is 13 billion years old. Geologist are saying Earth is about 4.5 billion years. Paleontologists have dinosaurs's bones 200 millions years old. All physical and verifiable evidences prooves you wrong - the universe is older than 8000 years.

Creationnist: God simply created the universe and everything already old and ongoing. Everything have been created 8000 years ago. He created the stars already old, the bones in the rocks, the light coming from the stars on-flight, everything.

Scientist: If everything has been created already old like you say, how do you differenciate between the real old (your 8000 years) and the faked old (my 13 billion years)? Since I am sure God did not do any mistake, the faked old is probably perfect. How can you proove then that everything has been created 8000 years ago and why would God deceive us that way?

Creationnist: The real old is 8000 years because it is written in the Bible. It is written that God created the Universe in 6 days. If you add the numbers up (with the generations describe in the Bible and so on), you reach about 8000 years. Why would God do such thing? It is impossible for us to know.

Scientist: Let me use your reasonning. How about this then: God created everything 10 seconds ago. Everything have been created already old and olgoing - our conversation and our memories included. Even the Bible have just been created 10 second ago with the intent to make you believe everything have been created 8000 years ago. The Universe have also been created 10 seconds ago with the intention to make me believe everything has been created 13 billion years ago.

Creationnist: How can you proove this?

Scientist: I can't. In my reasonning, God is perfect and created everything perfectly. There is no difference between the faked and the real. I simply just got a revelation.
You see, the problem with such a reasonning is that everything become arbitrary. We are the puppets of a God that deceives us into believing whatever He wishes so. We can then believe everything we wish (or got 'revealed'). The only common ground become the faked reality, the one where Astrophysicists, Cosmologists, Paleontologists and so on agrees on - 13 billion years Universe. The faked reality then become the only real one...